Partnership Disputes

Disputes between partners can create real risk for a company's future. Protecting your investment and assets within the company, as well as the company's future as a whole, become top priorities.

For those in the midst of business partnership disputes, The Law Firm of Stephen S. Burgoon in Frederick, Maryland, can help in finding a sensible resolution. As with all business law matters, Mr. Burgoon seeks resolutions that protect clients' immediate and long-term interests as well as those of the business.

As a solo practitioner, attorney Stephen Burgoon's practice affords clients with high attention to detail and personalized service. Clients can trust that their concerns will be kept top of mind.

Strategic Counsel Focused On Your Concerns

Disputes between partners take many forms. Perhaps one partner sees a different vision for the company. Perhaps one partner has breached his or her duty or authority. Mr. Burgoon will take a careful look at the partnership agreements, operating agreements or corporate by-laws to determine what standards were put in place to help partners resolve possible disputes. In many cases, straight negotiation or mediation can help partners come to a mutually agreeable resolution without the need for partnership litigation.

If partners cannot resolve their issues amicably, Mr. Burgoon is fully prepared to protect his clients' rights in commercial litigation, if necessary. Alternatively, he can assist with "business divorce," or the dissolution or sale of the business if that is in fact the best option. He understands the often personal nature of such a move, and remains sensitive to clients' concerns throughout the process.

Preventing Partnership Disputes Before They Happen

One of the most effective ways to prevent disputes from getting out of hand is to have solid agreements in place that provide clear guidelines for dispute resolution. The firm offers comprehensive business counseling and drafting precisely for this reason. Whether you are just starting up a new LLP or LLC, or you seek counsel on incorporating a new partner into the business, The Law Firm of Stephen S. Burgoon offers insightful counsel backed by 20 years of experience.

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