Trademark And Copyright Defense

Your innovative product, brand or business model deserves to be on the market. Protecting that innovation should be a natural step for any business. However, despite such precautionary measures as obtaining a trademark or copyright for your material, you may be in a position of needing to protect your intellectual property rights from infringement by another business or individual.

Attorney Stephen Burgoon assists businesses in Frederick, Maryland, and throughout the surrounding region with trademark and copyright defense. With more than 20 years of experience in employment and business law, he helps clients enforce noncompete agreements, trademarks and copyrights.

The Law Firm of Stephen S. Burgoon is not a volume-based practice. Instead, it focuses on providing one-on-one strategic counsel focused on achieving efficient and cost-effective results.

Comprehensive Representation Against Trademark Or Copyright Infringement

As an accomplished employment lawyer, Mr. Burgoon is well-versed in the enforcement of noncompete agreements or restrictive covenants, which can form the basis of many intellectual property disputes. Former employees may pirate unique materials or customer lists, thus requiring action. He has successfully represented businesses in obtaining court injunctions against former employees and other parties who have violated such agreements or engaged in piracy of protected materials.

The firm's services take the economic factors of pursuing trademark or copyright litigation into account. Where matters can be resolved through a cease-and-desist letter, mediation or arbitration, Mr. Burgoon will advise you as such. Should matters require litigation, he strives to achieve effective results as efficiently as possible.

Protecting Your Intellectual Property

Mr. Burgoon also assists clients in preventing intellectual property theft by drafting and filing the appropriate paperwork to obtain trademarks or copyrights. The process of obtaining these protections can become complex. As a small-business lawyer, Mr. Burgoon will make sure all procedures are followed correctly and deadlines met in a timely fashion.

Contact A Montgomery County Attorney For Intellectual Property Defense

To discuss your case with an experienced business law attorney, contact The Law Firm of Stephen S. Burgoon at 301-228-0769 or fill out the online contact form. The firm is located just off of Interstate 270 in Frederick, Maryland.

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