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Interns to be protected from sexual harassment

Interns sometimes have the worst job duties in workplaces in Maryland. As entry level and highly-motivated workers who are just getting their feet in the door, they often do not mind this too much. While interns may have much to learn and to prove, it is important that employers do not take advantage of them. Unfortunately, in recent years many interns have sued employers, indicating that employers may not be respecting the rights of interns.

Jury sides with employee in breach of contract lawsuit

Under Maryland law, individuals are employed at the will of their employers. This means that an employer can decide to fire an employee for just about any reason. Of course, there are some exceptions to this rule including that an employer cannot violate anti-discrimination and harassment laws. However, in general employers can terminate a worker's employment at will, for any reason, fair or not. This principle holds true only when no employment contract exists.

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