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State may ban non-compete agreements

In certain industries here in Maryland, non-compete contracts are the norm. Employers see non-compete clauses as a way to protect their customer base and trade secrets. Employees, however, are often of the viewpoint that such contracts limit their rights and career opportunities. These contracts can result in serious consequences for employees, and as such it is important for individuals to seek legal counsel before signing on the dotted line.

Nation commemorates 'Equal Pay Day,' a reminder of wage gap

Maryland residents may have heard that national "Equal Pay Day" was celebrated earlier this week. Equal Pay Day commemorates how much longer the average American woman must work in order to earn the same amount of money that the average American man earned the year before. So, in order for the average American woman to catch up to an average American man's 2013 earnings, she would need to include her earnings until April 8, 2014. This estimation comes from the White House, which reports that women who work full-time are paid about 77 percent of the wages paid to their male counterparts. 

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