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August 2014 Archives

Examining the major workplace discrimination laws in the U.S.

Maryland employees may be interested in some general information about employer discrimination and what can be done about it. Understanding what types of workplace activities are prohibited can be an important first step toward recognizing them and solving the issue.

Maryland teacher wins racial discrimination suit

A former Prince George's County teacher has won a racial discrimination lawsuit against his school district. The 65-year-old teacher, who is white, claimed that the African-American principal of a Maryland high school used racial slurs against him and told him and others that she planned to terminate him because of his race.

Disabled Target employee alleges workplace discrimination

Many workers in Maryland struggle with physical and mental disabilities daily. In some cases, workers who suffer from such disabilities might face mistreatment in the work place. However, suit filed July 23 on behalf of an autistic Target employee in Texas show that some victims of harassment may be able to pursue legal compensation for damages in such cases.

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