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Title VII protects transgender workers from discrimination

Transgender workers in Maryland may be protected from discrimination under Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964. Although Title VII does not expressly protect LGBT workers from discrimination, the statute protects all workers from discrimination based on gender. The U.S. Supreme Court has repeatedly interpreted the prohibition on gender discrimination to mean that workers cannot be discriminated against for failing to conform to gender stereotypes.

Former Bandai employee files discrimination lawsuit

Maryland residents might be interested to learn about a workplace discrimination case involving the Japanese toy manufacturer Bandai. A former Bandai employee has filed a lawsuit against Bandai America Inc., Bandai Namco Holdings USA Inc. and some of his supervisors at the company. The plaintiff claims that he was wrongfully terminated from his position at Bandai after suffering from racial discrimination and harassment.

Most states do not protect unpaid workers from discrimination

In the U.S., a wide majority of states are not legally required to protect unpaid workers from discrimination and sexual harassment. Maryland and the District of Columbia are two of the few jurisdictions currently safeguarding unpaid interns from workplace harassment. Since nearly three-fourths of all unpaid workers are females and women are more commonly discriminated against, this lack of legislation may also be considered a gender issue.

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