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Steps to take after a wrongful termination

Employees in Maryland may not realize that wrongful termination from a job can take many forms. For example, an employer might offer a severance package and tell an employee that they have to resign. However, the employee may want to consider this offer more carefully because doing so may make it impossible to file a wrongful termination suit.

Handling potentially unfair non-compete agreements in Maryland

In September 2014, a Jimmy John's employee amended a lawsuit against the company to include an allegation that the company's non-compete clause is too broad. When an employee signs an employment contract with the company, he or she agrees not to work for a competitor for two years after leaving the company. The non-compete agreement includes any company located within three miles of a Jimmy John's establishment.

State may ban non-compete agreements

In certain industries here in Maryland, non-compete contracts are the norm. Employers see non-compete clauses as a way to protect their customer base and trade secrets. Employees, however, are often of the viewpoint that such contracts limit their rights and career opportunities. These contracts can result in serious consequences for employees, and as such it is important for individuals to seek legal counsel before signing on the dotted line.

Jury sides with employee in breach of contract lawsuit

Under Maryland law, individuals are employed at the will of their employers. This means that an employer can decide to fire an employee for just about any reason. Of course, there are some exceptions to this rule including that an employer cannot violate anti-discrimination and harassment laws. However, in general employers can terminate a worker's employment at will, for any reason, fair or not. This principle holds true only when no employment contract exists.

Who has jurisdiction over your national non-compete agreement?

A number of Maryland residents sign non-compete agreements with their employers. These agreements are fairly common in some fields, as they allow companies to protect a customer base. At the same time, non-compete clauses can hinder an employee's career prospects. Those who are asked to sign employment contracts should seek legal counsel to ensure the contracts protect their own short- and long-term priorities. Additionally, when an employer tries to enforce a non-compete contract, it can be wise to talk to an employment law attorney as these contracts are not always legally enforceable.

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