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Since 1993, attorney Stephen Burgoon has assisted clients throughout the Frederick, Maryland, area involved in employment law and business law matters. His experience in these often intertwined areas of law has given him unique insight into helping clients achieve their objectives, whether as employers and business owners or as employees and individuals.

As a solo practitioner, Mr. Burgoon meets individually with each client. He also purposefully keeps a manageable case load so each client’s case receives the high level of attention it deserves. In doing so, he seeks to build secure, long-term attorney-client relationships built on trust and respect.

To learn more about Mr. Burgoon’s background, please view his lawyer profile below:

Stephen S. Burgoon

To discuss your legal matter with an experienced advocate, contact The Law Firm of Stephen S. Burgoon at 301-264-7213 or by email. Weekend appointments are available by request.