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Recent Testimonials:


I cannot thank you enough for believing in me and my sexual harassment case throughout these arduous 4 years!

You kept me informed each step of the way, and always acted with my best interest in mind. You were always straight forward, and made sure I understood the legalities and each aspect of the case.

Your knowledge, experience and commitment put me at ease and made me feel confident throughout.

It was a long journey together, and I am relieved, that because of your hard work, I’m able to finally move forward.

I would highly recommend Steve.  There is no one better to have fighting in your corner!

– Client

I have been an industry professional for over 25 years. Recently, I had the unthinkable happen to me. In the workplace, I experienced verbal and sexual harassment, sexual battery, and was humiliated in front of my organization by the person in charge of the business.

After attempts to resolve on my own were overlooked by the company I worked for, I reached out to Steve. While the story I presented seemed far-fetched, he listened, he empathized, and he was angry along with me. We discussed my options, and how difficult it might be to win if I proceeded with a complaint. I knew exactly what I would be getting myself into and knew I had Steve’s full support if I moved forward.

Needless to say, Steve had my back the entire way and I’m happy to say I stood up for myself and what is right. Steve gave me the support and the validation I needed to know what I experienced was not appropriate and was actionable, even if the company chose not to recognize it.

As an long-time industry professional, you know what isn’t right, and what has to be done. It’s not always easy to challenge a business. But I did, with Steve’s help, and I’m happy to say we prevailed.

I can’t say enough about Steve and his care and concern for me through this process. He is very professional, and I felt like I was the only case he had the whole time we worked together, even though I know I was not. If you are in need of someone who will support you through a difficult situation, Steve is your guy!

I hope this is helpful to you and again, I can’t thank you enough for believing me when I called upon you for the first time.

– Client

Client Testimonial from serious personal injury client:

Dear Steve:
We would like to say thank you for all the help that you were to us after the very serious car accident. Also, for all the hard work that you did working with all the parties involved to get the case settled. We both have said that we couldn’t have done it without you!
You were very knowledgeable about all the complications that came up; and you knew more than the lawyers for the big insurance companies about some of the challenges involved in this case.
We always felt safe with you handling the case for us; and we knew that you would do all that you were able to do for us at all times. It was so comforting to have a lawyer on our side that we could trust and who is so compassionate. From the very first time that I met with you (without my husband because he was still in the hospital and we were not sure he would survive) you let us know you would take care of things. We can’t thank you enough for getting us through all the legal stuff, and helping us to get through all that we had to deal with. We definitely will and have recommended you to others.

From A.L., client in a sexual harrassment case:

I would recommend Stephen Burgoon to anyone looking for legal services. He was extremely knowledgeable, an effective communicator, and kept me informed during each step of the process. From my first phone call, he took the time to listen and answer all of my questions. During a difficult time, he gave me the confidence I needed to follow through. His passion for helping others was highly evident. I can’t say thank you enough!

From corporate client LF regarding employee relations case:

I want to thank you so much. You gave me the confidence to do this and I am so thankful for that. It is not often that you find someone that is so truly into helping you and not just because it’s their job. I can feel that you have a passion for helping people and you really know your stuff. So knowledgeable and professional, I would and will recommend you to anyone needing assistance!