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Wage And Hour Claims

The Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) and Maryland state laws govern the rights of all employees to receive just wages for the work they do. However, problems with reporting hours and employee classification can lead to violations of such policies, whether knowingly or not by the employer.

The Law Firm of Stephen S. Burgoon represents employees and employers in Frederick, Maryland, involved in wage and hour claims. Having worked as an employment lawyer since 1993, attorney Stephen Burgoon brings his insight and practical experience to each case, helping clients seek positive and efficient results.

Unpaid Overtime And Other Issues

Central to many employment claims involving wages is unpaid overtime. Not all employees are eligible for overtime hours, and the amount of overtime paid depends on the industry in which you work. Mr. Burgoon can review your employment situation and advise you on all options for recovering unpaid overtime under the FLSA or Maryland’s Wage and Hour Law.

Mr. Burgoon also assists clients with:

  • Unpaid wages or severance following termination of employment
  • Unpaid commission
  • Denied unemployment claims
  • Other wage and hour abuses

Under Maryland’s Wage Payment and Collection Law, some employees may be awarded additional compensation, up to three times the amount of their salaries, and attorneys’ fees if they can prove wages were illegally withheld. You can count on Mr. Burgoon to provide honest and straightforward counsel about your options and whether this may be possible given your unique circumstances.

Employee Classification

Employee misclassification can also result in wage and hour claims. You would be considered an employee of a company if your employer:

  • Controls how you accomplish your work in addition to what kind of work you do
  • Provides the necessary tools and materials for your work
  • Requires that you work in a certain place, i.e., the company office

If the above applies to your situation, you may be considered an employee by law, even if you signed an agreement indicating your status as an independent contractor. Mr. Burgoon can assist you in determining whether your wage issues result from worker misclassification. He can then help you explore all options to rectify the situation, from negotiating a new employment contract to pursuing a civil claim in state or federal court.

Contact An Experienced Montgomery County Employment Lawyer

If you believe you have a wage or hour claim, speak with a skilled employment lawyer first. Contact The Law Firm of Stephen S. Burgoon at 301-264-7213 or by filling out the online contact form.