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Understanding The EEOC

Anyone who considers filing an employment claim will likely become involved with the federal Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC). However, navigating through the administrative procedures and meeting the EEOC’s deadlines can quickly become difficult on your own.

The Law Firm of Stephen S. Burgoon has assisted clients in Frederick, Maryland, and throughout the surrounding areas with employment claims since 1993. Attorney Stephen Burgoon works one-on-one with clients throughout the process, guiding them through the necessary steps toward resolution.

Some claims can be resolved using the EEOC charge process. Others may require additional action following the EEOC’s investigation. Mr. Burgoon understands how to manage complex employment claims before the EEOC as well as state and federal courts. He seeks the optimum resolution given your unique situation.

Understanding The EEOC Process

The EEOC is a federal agency charged with protecting employees’ federal rights against discrimination according to race, age, disability, gender, religion or national origin. Employees who have suffered discrimination in the workplace or who experienced wrongful retaliation as a result of reporting discrimination can report the incident to the EEOC, which has the authority to investigate the claim.

Following its investigation, the EEOC may issue a “right to sue” letter, which you must have before you can file a lawsuit in state or federal court. As your lawyer, Stephen Burgoon can walk you through the EEOC’s charge process, from filing an initial complaint to meeting important deadlines. If you have received a “right to sue” letter, he can also help you pursue the claim in state or federal court.

Employees may also file a claim before the Maryland Commission on Civil Rights, the state equivalent of the EEOC. Mr. Burgoon can help you determine whether your issue would best be handled at the state or federal level.

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