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Company agrees to settle discrimination lawsuit with EEOC

On Behalf of | Sep 23, 2014 | Workplace Discrimination |

A Maryland company has agreed to settle an employee discrimination and harassment lawsuit with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission one day after the claim was filed. The lawsuit against ACM Services was filed in federal court on Sept. 22, and the company reached an agreement to settle with the EEOC on the next day. The Rockville-based company would not disclose the terms of the settlement and denied any wrongdoing.

According to reports, the discrimination claims that were made against the environmental remediation contractor go back as far as January 2005. The lawsuit alleged that the company refused to hire black people or females when they applied for positions as field laborers. The complaint also alleged that management at he company sexually harassed two female Hispanic employees. After being verbally harassed and subjected to racist comments, the women claim they were fired when they spoke up about the inappropriate behavior.

Although it agreed to the settlement, ACM says that it reached the decision in order to save the time and money that would be spent on further litigation. ACM has stated that the women who were fired were simply disgruntled and that the company employs a diverse workforce of qualified employees.

An employment law attorney may be able to help employees who have been subjected to harassment or discrimination in the workplace. In some cases, workers who have been victimized may hope to achieve a similar outcome to the ACM employees by agreeing to a quick settlement. If the initial settlement offer is insufficient, however, the attorney may advise the plaintiffs to continue pursuing remedies so that they can recover the full value of their claim.

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