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Muslim American physicians face workplace discrimination

On Behalf of | Dec 14, 2015 | Workplace Discrimination |

Maryland residents should be aware that a study that was conducted by the University of Chicago found that Muslim Americans often face discrimination in the health care industry. The study found that nearly half of 255 Muslim American physicians felt that their work was more scrutinized than the work of their peers.

In addition to the scrutiny, approximately 25 percent of the respondents also reported that they faced workplace religious discrimination at some point during their careers. The same number of survey participants also reported that believed that they had been passed over for promotion due to their religious background. Those who considered their religion to be an important component in their lives also appeared to be more likely discriminated against for their religion.

Approximately 5 percent of physicians in the United States are Muslim American. The study findings indicated that programs to eliminate the discrimination in the health care industry are needed, especially as Muslims were considered to be the most negatively viewed religious group based on a survey by the Pew Research Center.

For those who are facing discrimination or unfair treatment at work, getting ahead or moving up the career ladder can be difficult. In some cases, workers may be overlooked for promotions, their work may be more scrutinized or they may be retaliated against simply based on their religion. If there is evidence of unfair treatment due to religious discrimination, an attorney may assist by helping the worker seek compensation for lost bonuses or additional income that would otherwise have been earned from promotions. If the worker reported the discrimination and was subsequently fired or given poor work reviews after a history of good reviews, the attorney may help the worker file a wrongful termination claim against the company involved.