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Man, 57, says he wasn't promoted due to age discrimination

Many Maryland residents have experienced age discrimination in the realm of employment. Although age discrimination is barred by federal law, this remains prevalent in many workplaces. During the recession in particular many reports surfaced of older Americans being laid off and finding it difficult to obtain employment again.

Woman sues employer for allowing customers to harass her at work

Maryland residents are protected from being sexually harassed at work under both federal and state law. Workers should not be harassed by their bosses or supervisors, their co-workers or even their customers. When an individual is being sexually harassed by a customer or client, it may be important to alert one's supervisor. The supervisor, and the company, then have the responsibility to take action to put an end to the harassment. If the employer fails to do so, or does so in a way that negatively impacts the employee, it becomes important to talk to an employment law attorney.

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