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How older workers can demonstrate their value

Maryland employees that age discrimination toward people at or over the age of 40 is illegal under federal law, but older workers may still feel insecure about their position at work. However, there are a number of ways that they can continue to demonstrate the value of their experience to employers.

Muslim American physicians face workplace discrimination

Maryland residents should be aware that a study that was conducted by the University of Chicago found that Muslim Americans often face discrimination in the health care industry. The study found that nearly half of 255 Muslim American physicians felt that their work was more scrutinized than the work of their peers.

Discrimination issues in Maryland workplaces

A poll completed by CNN/Kaiser Family Foundation found that for many minorities, discrimination is still a huge issue in America. Of those surveyed, 57 percent of Hispanics and 69 percent of blacks said that discrimination from both the past and present were causing issues for their ethnic group or race. These issues appear to have spilled over into people's working lives as well.

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