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Sexual discrimination and harassment

Sex-based discrimination in the workplace is illegal in Maryland and across the United States. Such discrimination is forbidden by law in all terms and conditions of employment, including hiring, pay, training, the assignment of jobs, promotion, benefits, layoffs and firing. Employment policies that apply across the board to all employees may be against the law when such policies have an unfavorable effect on the employment of persons of a particular sex.

Understanding wrongful termination and retaliation

Employees in Maryland may benefit from learning more about some of the facts concerning wrongful termination and retaliation. Firing an employee in violation of a public policy mandate is the only scenario that qualifies as wrongful termination. Retaliation may be described as an employee suffering adverse action after exercising employee rights like reporting harassment or discrimination, requesting accommodations for disabilities, filing worker's compensation, requesting a leave of absence covered under the Family and Medical Leave Act or reporting misconduct.

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