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LGBTQ entrepreneurs still facing discrimination

According to a study released in September by StartOut, LGBTQ individuals in Maryland and across the U.S. are still facing discrimination in the business world. Experts say that this problem is highly prevalent in the world of startup companies and exists even in states with laws that don't outright permit discrimination.

Age discrimination and older workers

Despite the Age Discrimination in Employment Act of 1967, older people in Maryland and throughout the country may face age discrimination when they are looking for work. While the August 2016 unemployment rate for workers over the age of 55 looks low at 3.5 percent, it rises to 8.7 percent when people who have stopped seeking work and those who want full-time work but are only working part time are included. Including workers who stopped looking for a job after mroe than 4 weeks pushes the total up to 12 percent, according to New School researchers.

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