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How Maryland residents should report sexual harassment

On Behalf of | Apr 7, 2015 | Sexual Harassment |

When an individual feels that he or she has been sexually harassed at work, there are steps that must be taken to ensure that the case is heard and the issue can be remedied. First, an individual should keep a detailed record of any perceived harassment including the dates and times the harassment occurred.

It is also critical that the issue is brought to a relevant party’s attention as soon as possible. If nothing is said about perceived sexual harassment, it could increase in intensity as time goes on. Waiting to report harassment could also cause others to question the motives of the person reporting the supposed abuse. Additionally, those who may have witnessed the abuse may no longer be with the company and testify on the victim’s behalf.

Finally, it is important for a whistleblower to keep a calm demeanor and manage his or her expectations. An accuser is going to be scrutinized from the day that sexual harassment allegations are made. Therefore, that person needs to maintain a positive attitude and not expect any concrete or drastic results in too short of a period. Furthermore, punishment for sexual harassment may be in the form of a demotion or a reassignment, so an accuser may need to take into account the possibility of working with the harasser in the future.

Discrimination of any kind in the workplace is illegal. If an individual has been harassed or was the victim of wrongful termination for reporting such abuse, it may be grounds for a lawsuit. An employment law attorney may be able to win compensation for an employee who had his or her rights in the workplace violated. In some cases, a favorable resolution for the employee may be reached outside of court.