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A woman’s willingness to speak up made her workplace safer

A staggering number of women experience sexual harassment and assault each year. Now more than ever, though, survivors are being heard, and their offenders are receiving their due punishments. Fear and shame often prevent a victim or witness from reporting a predator, but the law protects people who speak up.

Fired for pregnancy: handling an unspoken form of discrimination

Although often a joyous time, pregnancy presents an array of challenges for working women. Pregnant women may need more time away from work for doctor's visits or small accommodations to continue working. Sadly, employers often view pregnant employees as a liability. Rather than making simple accommodations, employers chose to terminate the employee or force them to take unpaid leave.

Why Does Reporting Harassment Protect My Rights?

If you’ve been a victim of harassment in the workplace, you may feel alone and stuck, wondering what to do. It is scary to report harassment in the workplace because a fear of the unknown and a need for the money that steady employment brings, but reporting harassment compliant with company policy will protect your rights at work and with the law.

Sexual harassment still haunts Maryland victims

It seems that every day, a new public figure is accused of sexual harassment. On one hand, this is a positive thing-- it indicates that victims of sexual harassment are finally comfortable coming forward, that sexual abusers are being held accountable and that the media is not ignoring the problem. On the other hand, it also means that sexual harassment is still alive and well.

Harassment cases highlighting ineffectiveness of HR

One of the main facets of a Human Resources (HR) department is resolving workplace conflict. The HR team works to find ways to keep staff and managers content, while helping to prevent and correct infractions. In theory, you should feel like you can report any problems at work to HR and get help resolving them, but what happens when the HR department is contributing to the problem?

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